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My understanding is Haunted Mansion was deteriorating maybe more than we realize. I don't think they could afford to wait any longer.
Yep. Structurally speaking, I don't know if most people realize how much the Haunted Mansion actually goes through every year due to the overlay. It's pretty rare that it gets any extended refurb because of the overlay ironically.
It's almost like everything they didn't get a chance to do during that previous downtime, they're doing now.

It's smart to take care of necessary things while the front/side yard are all torn up. Knowing they're dumping this kind of money into the ride subdues the impatience of it being closed
Wow I’m a little jealous of all the offerings on the West Coast at the moment particularly with the cool themed events.

I understand DL is a locals park so of course they to have keep their entertainment fresh versus tourists at WDW who probably come one in a lifetime or visit rarely.
I'll admit to feeling real jealous of Disneyland's output! I still do find it incredibly strange that WDW doesn't do this stuff anyways, at least in parks like Hollywood Studios without the big once-in-a-lifetime energy that MK does. I get that they don't have to do it, and they don't need to keep things fresh in the same ways that Disneyland or Universal Orlando might have to. Disney World is too big to fail, so they don't need stuff like PixarFest to keep attendance moving.

But personally, I don't count that as an acceptable excuse. Disney World is the biggest in the game right now. They did Star Wars Weekends in MGM for a long time, still do their seasonal events around the holidays in Magic, EPCOT has festivals a majority of the year. We got the Frozen event in 2014 and the Incredibles event in Tomorrowland in 2018. They can and do make big festivals and events, we just never end up getting the incredibly cool stuff that Disneyland does. I think it's totally in WDW's capabilities and budget to get a Sid or Ernesto Meet and Greet around Halloween, or the Talking Dug suit, or Mickey and Minnie in High School Musical Wildcats outfits.

I get that they don't need that local support, but I think it's crazy to believe that an upcharge event with a solid lineup and reasonable prices wouldn't do absolutely incredible financially. Heck, last year Jollywood Nights was an upcharge event without a solid lineup or reasonable prices, and it was still pretty jam packed for a little while there.
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In the parade with Mei's friends & 4*Town... Besides no Red Panda photo-op, it's a loss for no 4*Town photo-op too!

The lack of good 4*Town merch is sad lol.. I just want a lightstick, photocard, & maybe a mini-album release :eyes: :skull:
I know the parade but with how HUGE the face characters were and also the new Pixar characters...seems like a weird character to not have
Security lines are getting much longer

Rumor is a recent audit for the security failed and they let through pepper spray and other prohibited items

I think it’s time for an upgrade to the system and no bag lines
People waiting 40-60 mins just for security to me is a joke
Visited today. Idk if this has been true the past few days, but I entered through the Harbor side and the wait for security was barely 5 minutes. There is plexiglass, and you put your stuff in a doggie dish style bowl to be slid across the table, but neither of those slowed me or anyone else down. Crowds were fairly high too, with 60 minute waits for Indy, BTM, and Hyperspace Mountain.

Saw the Pixar projection show also, and it's short and rushed, but full of energy and color. Always a loud cheer with Coco segments, and an audible "awwww!" when Married Life from Up plays. But I arrived about 10 minutes before show time, and walked right to the middle of main street across from Crystal Arcade. It doesn't seem like the show is very popular.
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