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Good Theme Park Channels?

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Depends on what you're looking for.

For POVs, Attractions 360 and Theme Park Shark

For theme park history/documentary, Expedition Theme Park, Defunctland, Theme Park History, and Yesterworld

For on the ground vlogs (all parks), Super Enthused, Pcdev, and Rixflix in FL; Ordinary Adventures, Five Fires, and Theme Park Obsession in CA

For Universal Hollywood, JPLand

For Disneyland, Fresh Baked

For "tips and tricks", Provost Park Pass and The Pugh Two

For Food and Drink focused channels, Paging Mr Morrow and Magic Journeys

For Roller Coasters, El Toro Ryan and Airtime thrills

For "lists", Theme Park Crazy and TPM Vids

Don't really know WDW or Haunt focused channels.
thank you for the shout, i take the pov biz very serious lol
I’m trying to afford a trip next year, they don’t go to UOR often, but lately I’ve been missing the parks extra lately. Resort TV1 does really good live vlogs of the parks. Weather has been so strange this summer I’ve been inside a lot, I work from home, it’s terrific background. They do go to UOR, but I find they tend to go to MK, Epcot, and DHS the most. They seem like good people too.
A bit late to this thread, But Orangegrove55 is my go to for in depth discussions on theme parks for both Universal and now Disney. For stuff that is actually going on in the parks, I watch JPLand, Hey Brickley, Adam the Woo and Rixflix. Poseidon Entertainment has been bashing Disney as of late, but some of his criticisms of Disney in regards to how the company and specifically the parks division have been run lately are valid IMO.
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