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HHN '17 - The Horrors of Blumhouse


May 7, 2017
San Diego, CA
Just watched the Happy Death Day trailer. It looks... interesting for sure very Groundhog Day meets teen slasher. I don't know how it will translate to the maze other than just Baby Face over and over again (Which I'm totally fine with that mask is creepy as hell.) Sinister I am excited for the movies are filled with kicka** visuals and Purge in the streets will be as awesome as last year. Also the facade is getting fun! Very El Cucuy in the best possible way. They have really grown in the way they have been able to use the space.


Veteran Member
Jun 6, 2016
I like the Facade and I'm looking forward to seeing Sinister in the Maze. Aside from that. Yeah no.


Aug 13, 2017
Man, "Blumhouse of Horrors" was such a great name.

I get that "The Horrors of Blumhouse" is more specific for the general public that might not know what Blumhouse is, but man. It would've been great.

Speaking of titles, I wonder why a lot of the mazes now don't get subtitles to make their names original. I used to really like that, even if the names were cheesy sometimes. Would've been cool to have something like that for AHS. I really liked in the announcement video when it said "Your Roanoke Nightmare." I think that would've made a cool maze name.


Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2015
Wonder when thats gonna go up then. Sounds like the main "house" will be a cop out for Murdy to do Sinister which I'm fine with.


Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2015
I feel that facade WAS for Get Out... I have a feeling they cut it out last minute, which is the word on the street. Wonder what the real reason is though.

Pretty sure it'll be repurposed


Veteran Member
Dec 6, 2015
San Diego
So I totally didn't just wake up to this news. So while this is my least anticipated house, I can't say I'm not somewhat interested. Blumhouse of horrors wasn't the best name in the world, but at least it's better than the horrors of Blumhouse. I still can't get behind putting Happy Death Day in here, as it feels like Blumhouse forced them to do an ad for their new movie. And after rereading Murdys tweets about the maze, it seemed like the only purge section will be the gauntlet from last year, so I couldn't care at all about that part. The only things that excites me about this only maze is sinister, I've been waiting for this ever since I saw the movie, I think there will be some truly great moments to come out of that section.


Veteran Member
Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
It's about time they announced this. I'm really intrigued about how the Purge will be incorporated. It sounds like the first half/third of the house will just be the Purge gauntlet being repurposed with every prop they can find in the storage shed.

So that's sounds like how it's going to be the largest house square footage wise. I'm also glad they're not wasting precious maze space on the Purge. I like that.


Veteran Member
Aug 15, 2015
I feel that facade WAS for Get Out... I have a feeling they cut it out last minute, which is the word on the street. Wonder what the real reason is though.

Pretty sure it'll be repurposed

IMO, that didn't look like anything from Get Out to me. The mansion in the movie looked quite different IMO.


Mar 4, 2015
Long Beach, California
So where is the queue going to be and what is this then?View attachment 5253
I could've sworn someone confirmed that was the abandoned church from Sinister 2 (I haven't seen Sinister 2, so I wouldn't know. But the screenshot looked like it).
What was wrong with the name "Blumhouse of Horrors"?
Blumhouse already had an original attraction called "Blumhouse of Horrors" (which was an original theater haunted attraction in LA). They probably knew that when searching up "Blumhouse of Horror, the HHN results would outweigh the Blumhouse results. So the name change was necessary in order to not have the 2 mazes mixed up. (That's my theory).