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HHN 2022: Horrors of Blumhouse

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Just announced!

Universal has announced Horrors of Blumhouse, featuring the films Freaky and The Black Phone, will be featured as a haunted house at this year's Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Orlando.



Veteran Member
Mar 17, 2015
Burbank, CA
If this is going into Waterworld... then I'm very curious to see how they pull off the signature movie theatre marquee we've seen twice now


Apr 16, 2020
I’m not excited about this. I do like Black Phone but don’t care for Freaky. I wonder if this replaced The Weeknd from the speculation map


Veteran Member
Mar 17, 2015
Burbank, CA
If that's the case.. then what was the red herring on the spec map. Because Hollywood's spec map never had Horrors of Blumhouse 3.0, so something on the spec map was replaced by this.


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Nov 7, 2016
I'm guessing Candyman got the boot. La Llorona, Scarecrow, and Killer Klownz are all a lock. The Weeknd is still pretty vocal about his presence. That leaves just Evil Dead and Candyman. Replace one Universal maze for the other, is my guess. Or take out a non-Uni IP and put a Uni maze in its place. Dang, maybe it's Evil Dead...
I GUESS this is better than whatever atrocity Evil Dead would've become.


Contributing Member
Apr 26, 2019
Yeah, this is a good reminder that those spec maps oftentimes have straight up guesses on them. That’s clearly what Candyman was. A good guess, but a guess nonetheless.

I’m excited about this house. Two strong IPs, especially Black Phone, which could have a house all its own, imo.

Spookies n' Stuff

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Oct 9, 2016
Candyman was never happening… lol.
you say that, buuuut
Blumhouse 3 commercial:
-Person with a hook appearing in a parking garage
-Antagonist appears in the elevator
Meanwhile in Candyman...
-Candyman appears to Helen physically for the first time in parking garage (1992)
-Candyman appears in the mirrored ceiling of the elevator (2021)
Obviously this could be a total coincidence, since both of those setups are kinda tropes on their own, but given the fact that Candyman was rumored for such a long time, and was rumored to have been replaced by Blumhouse at some point down the line, it doesn't feel unreasonable that they could have just kept the skeleton of the announcement video and changed the rest.

Either way, not super excited about this, but I also haven't seen either movie it features, so maybe when I eventually get around to them it'll change my mind.
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Horror Lover

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Note that this continues WaterWorld's tradition of being the repeat venue, given that this is the 3rd time Horrors of Blumhouse has appeared at the event.. yes, it's an all-new house with new IPs, but the branding remains the same..