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Hilton, SNW Early Entry and USH Thoughts from someone who hasn't visited since the 80s


Jun 27, 2017
Was Lucky Enough to stay at the Hilton Hotel located within a 5 min walk from USH. My Aunt was visiting LA last weekend and she was kind enough to get us a room, so keep that in mind for this review/discussion.

A View from My room (a Corner room on the 20th floor)


The Hilton is a very nice hotel, and insanely close to USH. The staff was all super friendly and the area around the property feels very safe. Had breakfast (buffet) one morning as well and it was pretty good, all the food was good to eat and a pretty good selection of food. It does cost to park at the hotel and make sure to have a Hilton account to get free wifi because it costly if not.

The walk from the hotel is 5 minutes to get to the Secure Check in area and about 15 mins to walk down to the Metro station.

SNW Early Entry, so we went during Early Entry so my aunt could see the land. From my perspective on busy weekends its not really worth it for locals, if your traveling from afar get it but we showed up 15 mins early and still only got to go on MK one time and took about 40 mins to get off the ride and by then the lines for the Band Games were pretty long, though Bowser jr was a walk on.
At around 9:10 AM We walked on Jurassic, after that waited 20ish mins for the Mummy and 35 mins for Transfomers. Simpsons was already 50 mins by the time we made it up the stairs, so we skipped that and were lucky enough to have express passes from transfomers breaking down to get on SLOP in about 10 mins. From there we had lunch at the three Broomsticks (took 20 mins to order food), and then went on the Tram (20ish mins to get on) and then after another 20 min wait for Panda got on Forbidden Journey in about 20ish mins with an express pass (we were able to get two from transformers breaking down). We walked around the park a little more but sadly could never get the right time to see Water World, so maybe next time. (my aunt wanted to go see more LA, so we left by 3 PM)

My thoughts are the general guests at USH, just has a bad time right now. Even with Early Entry really only Jurassic we walked on, everything else had a line and without the two express passes we got from a ride breaking down we would have done even less even though we were at the park an hour before it opened. Rides seem to either be breaking down and slowing down the line, too man express or like Mummy they only have one car loading slowing down the line for no reason but to save money/unable to staff.
I've never seen the first weekend in November this packed, this weekend is usually pretty slow because its after HHN and before Grinchmas and no Holidays but since SNW opened most days just don't allow you to walk on rides like the park used to operate.

One nice thing was on the Tram, many people seemed to be excited about the NOPE set, so that was nice the film seems to be slowly gaining a fan base.

Now onto my Aunt's thoughts who has not been to USH since the 80's before walk or jurassic were even there.
My Aunt told everyone we survived, to everyone afterwards she talked to about it, even she noticed how each ride is basically just "isn't it nice here....OMG this thing is trying to kill you"
She thought Citywalk was super cool and a nice addition.

My Aunt thinks rides now are nuts, while many here are meh on Mario Kart as a ride, she thought it was the most amazing ride she has even been on. She said so much is going on you could ride it many times and still not see everything. She thought it was super impressive
My Aunt, loved Jurassic as well and just thought it was a super fun ride. She was not as big of a fan of the mummy, she thought it was fine but she isn't really into coasters.
My Aunt like Transformers and was impressed by how it all worked and felt.
SLOP was her favorite ride, she loved animals and thought the story of the ride is super cute and just loved all the gag's in the ride.
The Tram, she was impressed by King Kong, she thought we were moving during it and I told here nope....you are not moving it's all simulated and she had no idea how that was possible. She thought Jaws was super fun and also really liked the War of the Worlds sets, even though she has never seen the film. Also she really enjoyed the NOPE sets, she is a fan of those kinda movies and she enjoyed the sets and had no idea that there were any effects. She thought it was just the sets and had no idea the music went away and lights were flickering
She enjoyed Hogsmed, she has never seen the Potter films but thinks the land is very well laid out and well themed. She also liked the three broom sticks food.
She thought the Forbidden Jounry Q is great but said she had to close her eyes in the ride, said too much was happening.
She thought Panda was a cute little show.

Overal she was impressed with USH and Citywalk and was glad to be able to finally know what I was talking about when she heard I was going to the park.

So I'm happy mu aunt had a good time, I just wish Ops were better so we could have seen more. Back even a year ago we could have hit Jurrassic, Mummy and Transfomers within an hour after opening and now...thats just on some weekdays.

It was interesting to go to USH with someone who has not gone to a Theme park in......a long...long time. So it's interesting to hear her thoughts on it and as always it's always fun to do these rides with someone who hasn't done them before, its really makes the trips better and more memorable
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