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Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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Don’t know if it was mentioned, but the Percy Jackson series got the green light.
I really thought that this had been green lit about a year ago before hearing that last week. That'll probably be their first really big show based on a non-Star Wars or Marvel project.
Thought they had been saying this was a 2024 show so it feels a little early, but i'll take it as long as the quality is there! I certainly hope the quality is here. This isn't like a lot of the Star Wars or MCU shows where there isn't enough juice there to justify it being a show over a movie (which most MCU shows at the very least feel like they should be). Percy Jackson to me will greatly benefit from being a series I think as, much like a video game adaptation, you can't properly retell a book in a 2 hour movie without leaving a lot out (although the Harry Potter films did a great job).

Two-episode premiere on December 20th (multi-episode premiere's on D+ are starting to become much more common it seems or even binge dropping).
Sooo... this show may or may not be good, but I think Disney+ may have their most successful show or movie release of the year right here. And with a release date of December 20th for it's first few episodes, that means everyone this show will just be there waiting for people on Christmas morning when many people get gifted D+ subscriptions and will get. a lot of extra exposure on top of what it's already seeing because of that.

It also goes to prove the point that a strong trailer is really important.
Percy Jackson debuts on the 20th. The reviews are currently VERY high with the series at 96% on RT.
5 years later, and I've finally gotten my wish. Looks like I'll be eating good this Christmas!
I love that this was the immediate response to your post too. Everyone's getting what they want!
I can't wait for the HP movies to be far enough in the rearview mirror so I can finally get my 8 episodes per book Harry Potter series.