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UK Paramount Park

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Things are moving more along--giving a lot more detail about the complex.

They will also be holding public webinar's.

Imma link this too, as they also spoke of the master plan for the resort.
Until the gates are open, I will be forever sceptical about this. However, if they pull this off then good luck to them! Let's hope it is more of a Eden Project than a Millennium Dome.

It might even force Merlin to up their game with a large-scale park an hour drive away from the majority of their attractions.
I don't really see why, the region has pretty much the same sort of weather as Paris. And that doesn't deter people from DLP.
Destination vs day at the park
As one who is there do you think a park has a fair chance of being built this time?

There is a fair amount of excitement about it, so that's absolutely whats carrying it forward and I'm finally a little optimistic it may happen.

But they have got to stop referring to it as the 'UK Disneyland' otherwise its just going to be met with huge disappointment.
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I'm wondering what will be realized. The first concept art looked amazing (and kind of impossible) but I have no idea what is now going to be build. As an add on to London I probably will cross the Northsea to visit.
If this thing actually happens, I will eat my hat....and then book a trip to go.

This better not be the next Universal Studios London. "It's happening! IT'S HAPPENING! Oh, jk it isn't."
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