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“Lifetime” Ban - Can it be Rescinded?

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As a 13-year-old, how were they even ID'd? Unless it's an extremely uncommon name, I cannot see how this could even be enforced, even if someone did make the connection by chance.
It depends if it's just "banned" or if they actually had them tresspassed legally. If they went through the channels with law enforcement, and a tresspassed person goes back on that property, it's an automatic trip to jail. Granted the police would have to actually run their name through the system before it would get noticed, so it's pretty low odds. But getting in a wreck in a parking garage or getting tied up in another guest's fight are things that could lead to police running their name. No idea if there's a time limit on a tresspass, or how its actually handled in Florida as I'm in another state. If they were just banned, a call to guest services would probably get an answer. If it was a legal tresspass, I'm not sure the park would even have that record.
If that is true, I don't really have a great deal of sympathy. It's pretty clear what spaces we, as guests, are allowed to be in. We are not to go backstage or in the utilidors or the old waterpark on the island. It's private property and pretty clearly stated.

I do want to clarify the Universal ban was based on something that happened previously, I hope my post didn't make it sound like he got in trouble and kept doing it.
it's not like they will underage drink again!

I have no way of knowing, but I just doubt they would know this person from Adam (especially 13 years later). I assume many people have the same name and appearance certainly changes from college into adult hood.

I imagine nothing would come up unless they have some sort of incident -- someone did bring up a good point about law enforcement -- if they were called and a report was taken, then I assume they MIGHT have something -- but still 13 years is a long time, heck, the parks do not even have the same owners now do they?