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Secret Life of Pets Orlando Speculation

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Box Office: 'Secret Life Of Pets' Becomes Fifth-Biggest Original Hit Ever
SLoP is now the fifth biggest original movie of all time. This includes live action. Here is part of the article covering the top ten.

In descending order, and obviously not accounting for inflation or 3D bumps, you’ve got… deep breath… Avatar ($2.7 billion), Zootopia ($1.02 billion), The Lion King ($968 million, including the 2011 3D reissue), Finding Nemo ($940m, including the 2012 3D reissue), The Secret Life of Pets ($858m and counting), Inside Out ($857.6m), Inception ($825.5m), Independence Day ($817m back in 1996), E.T. ($792m including at least two reissues in 1985 and 2002), Star Wars ($775m including at least two reissues in 1982 and 1997), 2012 ($769m), Up ($735m), Gravity ($723m), Interstellar ($675m) and The Sixth Sense ($672m).
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Would love to see this version of the ride come to USF.

I had that info, way back then, even way more than that blueprint. Loved what I saw with the trackless version, BUT, after the problems they had with Kong, they were not going to do trackless. I didn't expect much with the version they adapted, but it turned out pretty good. I like the present version, especially since I had my doubts. I doubt it will ever make it to Orlando since the merch just doesn't sell well. Incidentally, the original USH version was supposed to go where Nintendo now sits. This trackless version could easily have fit in the full former USF Shrek area, with the measurements that were in the original plans.
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Having seen the plans for the original trackless version, I also think the ride we got is superior.
I liked the trackless movement better than the busbar, but I think the present story version, and some of the effects they adapted, is superior to the original version. So, bottom line, I'd concur with you on that. I really like the attraction. It's vastly underrated.