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Universal Orlando Resort Misc Refurbs

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This is a positive change. I am not sure how often I will use it since we got the kids used to lanyards and they will probably bulk at me taking them away, but I do see this for a lot of people being a good thing. If it was just myself and my hubby we would switch over. However, the one negative I do see is the coasters, you would still need your pass for express after 4.
They obviously didn't think that far ahead

or this was an idea created by someone who doesn't ride coasters, so it didn't cross their mind
I mean they didn't take passes away, so it will be fine 90% of the time. So I still think it overall is a positive improvement to the app. Dining ordering is also improved along with the map looking better. Still not impressed with the filtering and lists of rides. But baby steps I guess.
The attraction will be closed from April 27, 2023, until May 24, 2023, for maintenance.

Not sure of a place to put this - but I saw that they will no longer be offering package pickup at the Universal Store in Citywalk?

EDIT: Guess the Citywalk thread would have been a good start lol
Universal Orlando has scheduled the E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida for a May 2024 refurbishment.

Universal Orlando has scheduled Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida for a June 2024 refurbishment.


Should be worth noting that the Dudley closure is 3 months long this go around. Usually, the winter refurbs are about a month and a half long.