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USH Holidays 2019


Jun 27, 2017
It could also be possible that Grinchmas and the Holidays don't bring in as much revenue as other events like HHN, Chinese New Year or Run Universal? This might just be a rebalancing of spending? (Trying to see positives here!)
So to make us make more money cut things that would bring people in or have them stay?

If we got new alternatives then I'm sure most would be fine with it but we are just losing 4 shows. The Grinch area that for hours would have entertainment is now just gone. If we got say a show in Simpsons or Potter land instead their would be a discussion this is down to somehow te higher ups think too much money is being spent so cut cut cut.....we as ticket holders see zero benefits. The company in no way is close to shutting down so even if they are over budget on Jurassic the only people who are going to see this cut money are people with pills of money anyway, which at least for me I'm not seeing as a positive.


aka Fallow
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May 26, 2010
I was under the impression they had JUST upgraded the previous tree, which looked great, so I'm a little lost why they bothered to spend money on yet another one... only to cut a bunch of other entertainment.

I'm glad the walk-around characters weren't cut, as I assumed they'd go first. They're all fantastic.


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Feb 17, 2016
Los Angeles
^Yes. Although if you ask me, while the thought was nice, the execution was off... the snow never really fell in ideal locations (instead typically landing on the roofs of buildings before it ever got to the ground), as well as felt slightly redundant with the snow at nearby Grinchmas. So personally, I don't miss it much.
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Jul 2, 2013
Orange County, CA
CityWalk holiday entertainment also got cut. It's a shame. If you're ever asked to do an in-park survey. It's best to let them know that these cutbacks are noticeable and bad.


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Nov 23, 2013
Citywalk is not part of the park, right??? :>)
Not part of the park, sure. However, Citywalk is not excluded of that of budgets for everything, including events. If anything, it makes me..a bit nervous to know what might be getting cut from EvE for 2019, but I digress.

Brian G.

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Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
VIDEO: We interview the mean one himself, Mr. Grinch, to discuss the 2019 Holidays and Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood



Jun 27, 2017
So I went on Sunday
1) Not Crowded at all compared to past years....Potter rides were walk on's
2) The Castle Show is still really good but wish it could have used Drones to push it to be as cool as the Dark Arts Show
3) The Grinch show is fine but no where near as good as years before.
4) The New tree is cool and mainly seems to be added so they could have less performers and use video screen instead

Overall its fine that I went their to see a movie and this happened to be something i could do for free but don't think its worth a ticket price. Also the Harry Potter Cardigan I've been eyeing is 90 bucks so 100 with tax....farfanoogin that and can't believe someone like JK Roweling who lived out of a car is just chill with most of the Potter stuff being WAY over priced.


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Apr 4, 2013
Did anyone successfully get a Cameo message from The Grinch? I booked one back when they first announced them, but never got it. And then today, I finally got an email linking to a generic video that can be used for anyone and was notified that my request won't be fulfilled. Seems like a lot of people were denied and are disappointed.