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Horror Nights Wish List - Orlando


Nov 3, 2019
They did some similar houses, well at least in the same vein, at HOS years...Not necessarily "ball culture" but some of the themes of VB were touched on

I wouldn't mind seeing Universal take a stab a the concept...it could start lighter in tone like the scarezone and then become more sinister
I'm working on my fan-made treatment for Vanity Ball: Winter Formal asap... :grin:
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Feb 25, 2014
Since it feels like Orlando is gonna' be continuing with various Universal Monster content at the event, I would love to see a UCM version of Van Helsing. That would be a fun way to get them all back together again!


Nov 4, 2021
So in 2020 there was this movie called Run Sweetheart Run that was supposed to release in theaters on may 8. Apparently before it’s release the full trailer leaked on Twitter I saw it, it turns out the women’s date turns out to be some Bloodthirsty Monster disguised as a human that chases her through the streets of Los Angeles and she must survive till morning. Blumhouse took the trailer down and later they sold the rights to Amazon prime haven’t heard about it since even if it releases on streaming I would love for it to come to the event although I think it would be too controversial what do you guys think?


Nov 3, 2019
^Not familiar with the trailer but I don't see anything inherently controversial in your description and I'm all for obscure properties making the event (even though Universal would never do it).

Now where's my Last of the Grads house? Cr1tikal's a Tampa man, he could just work his own role every night! :thumbsup:


Nov 4, 2021
there was a trailer that was recorded in the theater Blumhouse took down the post Someone reuploaded it

Here’s the link
I’m surprised this isn’t taken down yet although this isn’t the full trailer
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Sep 6, 2021
With 2022 HHN on the way, there is only one horror film that I want to see come to HHN…

Dog Soldiers

Also, speaking of that director, The Descent is something that I re-watched recently and might one of the few IP's out their that would actually scare me if it was at HHN. I can already picture this being a in parade building so some parts of the caves can be massive and others parts are way more claustrophobic.


May 14, 2018
You absolute mad lad.

But for real, outside of HHN I think a Teen High School Horror House™ could work as a fun compilation. Throw in all the films that have horrific elements but probably couldn't support an entire house:

Heathers (croquet mallets, Corn Nuts, 3-D glasses dream sequence, boiler room fight/explosion)
Carrie (Take a wild guess)
Spontaneous (the chaotic hallway scene)
It Follows (probably hardest, but probably tall man in the doorway and the pool finale)
Ginger Snaps (take your pick, this could support a full house, tbh)

Wild Cards:
The Craft
I Know What You Did Last Summer
The Faculty
Final Destination
Jennifer's Body

Wildest Card: